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Student Advocacy is viewed as a leader in the educational community, not only in terms of understanding students’ educational needs and rights, but also fighting against the existing and emergent obstacles to school success. In conjunction with the Westchester Children’s Association, Stefanie Shabman, Legal Director for Student Advocacy, was invited as a panelist to discuss the criminalization of black girls within the school system. The film PUSHOUT fostered the basis for this critical discussion on racial equity in schools.



When Emma’s mother came to Student Advocacy with her 4th grade daughter, she felt she had nowhere else to turn. Emma was struggling tremendously in school and was 2 ½ years below grade level in reading and writing. Emma’s mother, who had immigrated to the United States shortly before Emma was born, had voiced conce­rns to Emma’s teachers for years but they seemed more troubled by her behaviors than her lack of academic progress.