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Student Advocacy’s expertise in representing students and families in education matters since 1982 has given us a unique vantage point to observe what policies and practices greatly affect the education of students in Westchester and Putnam Counties. As an organization, we started an important conversation about the negative impact poor attendance and chronic absenteeism has on students in Westchester County. From this experience, we created the “Attendance” paper. Staff also observed firsthand the disparate and adverse outcomes suspensions have had on students with disabilities and students of color in Westchester. As a result, Student Advocacy began analyzing suspension rate data in Westchester County. Ultimately, we produced our “Solutions not Suspensions” white paper, which was written to bring attention to the community of the key need for positive alternative approaches to school suspensions. Both resources, provided below, were geared to stimulate changes in policies and practices surrounding attendance matters and disciplinary practices in Westchester and Putnam.

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