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Student Advocacy, now in its 42nd year, works on behalf of children struggling in school to secure the resources they need to succeed. Our advocates serve communities in Westchester and Putnam counties.

Learning difficulties can reflect a variety of underlying problems. Students may suffer from undiagnosed learning disabilities, emotional or physical trauma, mental or physical health issues, or an unstable home life. These conditions can be vestiges of historic discrimination.

Close to 90% of clients show improvement in the classroom within three months of an advocate’s intervention. Often, this intervention sets in motion a cycle of academic improvement, growing self confidence, and increased optimism.

Without an advocate’s intervention, a downward spiral is also possible. By some estimates, nearly 20,000 Westchester students are at-risk of dropping out of school. Student Advocacy, with its dedication to providing paths to success, supports children and families at a crucial time in their educational development.

Already capacity-constrained, Student Advocacy sees the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic further increasing obstacles to learning, and the number of children in need of our services.

Student Advocacy has never been more important to the communities it serves. To serve them adequately, and to reaffirm that every child matters, Student Advocacy turns, once again, to the generosity of all who identify with our cause.

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