Excerpt from the 25th Anniversary Overcoming the Odds Awards ceremony

“You have to know the past in order to understand the present”
– Carl Sagan

What is key, however, is knowing the true history of the past in order to be true to our present. Such is the case in acknowledging that our national public school system was created by black congressmen and a black Senator over 100 years ago during Reconstruction, to provide equitable education for children of color and poor white children. Today, our legally-based education advocacy services focus on garnering support for local youth, primarily in the public school system, who are seriously struggling and at risk of failing or dropping out. During our annual Overcoming the Odds event, Student Advocacy’s Interim Executive Director, Leslie K. Brown, addresses the founding of public education in this country, and what it means to Student Advocacy to ensure that the dream of an equitable education is realized.

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